Real-Time Shipping

Toyota Online Parts Center powered by SimplePart is excited to announce the launch of our Real Time Shipping (RTS) calculator tool. This tool will quote your parts site customers with a shipping rate based on the weight and dimension of the products they are ordering from your site. Real time rates will be provided from USPS, UPS, and FedEx. These real time rates will ensure that customers are receiving the most cost effective rate for the items they want to order, and will cover your costs on the back end.  No more overcharging on smaller items, and not collecting enough for larger items. 


How will this change the way shipping is charged today?

RTS rates will be setup with a markup of your choosing, just like pricing for parts and accessories.

  • For example, if FedEX Ground quotes $20 to ship a package, and your shipping markups is set to 30%, the customer will see a rate of $26 to ship that order (Cost plus 30%).


Where do the weights and dimensions come from? 

All weights and dimensions are provided by TMNA. The same weights and dimensions will be used at each participating dealer.


What if I get an order where the weight or dimension information is incorrect?

Tell us! Make sure to escalate any weight or dimension issues directly to SimplePart's 24/7 Support team. Email or call us at


What does SimplePart need from you to set this up?

  • UPS/FedEx: Your login credentials (username and password) to connect your account and utilize any negotiated shipping rates you have in place.

  • USPS: SimplePart will set up this integration directly.


Where do I send this information? 

Please call the SimplePart support team (888-843-0425) when you are ready to implement. The initial step should take no longer than 5 minutes.


How long does the setup process take? 

Once you've been in touch with the SimplePart Support team, setup should be complete within a few days