How to Respond to Data Requests

Consumers will likely reach out to you with requests concerning their CCPA rights. Below is an explanation of what you should do with the tools that SimplePart has provided in order to promptly and accurately respond. Keep in mind that you will be required to respond to any request within 45 days, which can be extended with notice to the consumer for an additional 45 days if the request is sufficiently onerous.

You may receive requests in multiple ways. Consumers may walk into your business and make a request manually. They may also call you. Your site also features a Data Request Page with a form that consumers can access to fill out a request online. If you receive a request through the webform, you will receive an email to notify you of the request. If you receive a request through any other medium (walk-in or on the phone), we advise that you fill out the webform so that you have a record of the request. It’s important that you keep records of your requests to be compliant with the CCPA.

Record Keeping

The CCPA has certain recordkeeping requirements regarding requests and responses. Specifically, your business will need to maintain a record for two years of:

  • Date of request
  • Name of consumer
  • Request type (Categories/Personal information/Deletion/Opt-out)
  • Action taken
  • Date of response

We are providing you with a Control Panel report that you can use to view these records as regards requests involving data SimplePart maintains. You can view it here.