Best Practices: Preventing Fraud #1 - AVS Settings Confirmation

Fraud demands urgent attention and SimplePart has the tools and know-how to help you combat this issue. 

It is important to check your PayPal, PayPal Payflow Pro and/or your Authorize.Net accounts to make sure your fraud settings and Address Verification Services (AVS) are enabled and functioning based on our suggested best practices.

There are many different Payment Gateways which offer basic to advanced fraud detection functionality at a minimum. The following links, from the most common providers, show how to review and adjust your Address Verification Services or fraud filter settings: AVS Filters:

Recommended Authorize.Net AVS Settings:

PayPal Fraud Management Filters:

Recommended PayPal Payflow AVS Settings:

Remember, you are not obligated to fulfill every order. If you are worried about it possibly being a fraudulent order, don't move forward. You’d rather be safe than sorry. If you are able to identify a fraudulent order, please mark the order as fraud in the Control Panel in case the same customer attempts to make additional orders. NOTE: The recommended settings above are a best practice, but unfortunately cannot guarantee you will not receive a fraudulent order.